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Holistic Psychotherapy Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

Depression and Anxiety are conditions that require an integrative approach as they affect both the body and mind. We will help you change your mental script which changes the way you think. Once you change the way you think, your feelings and emotions follow. We are also able to go deep into the core wounds and help you heal your inner child if thats needed. We will incorporate movement and nutritional support as you learn to live in the NOW.  As trained holistic mental health providers we offer you many different interventions to understand your story and to empower you with knowledge on how to help your heart,body and emotions regulate and self soothe. 

Somatic therapy / Body Centered

Body psychotherapy helps people deal with their concerns not only through talking, but

also by helping people become deeply aware of their bodily sensations as well as their

emotions, images and behavior. Clients become more conscious of how they breathe,

move, speak, and where they experience feelings in their bodies. People seek body

psychotherapy for the same reasons they seek talking or any form of psychotherapy (e.g.,

nxiety, depression, relationship problems, sexual difficulties), but also for physical

problems (e.g., headaches, lower back pain).


Body Psychotherapy is different from other psychotherapies because: It is holistic and takes the notion seriously that body and mind are not two different things but the same clients feel seen in their totality. Most clients like to address difficulties on several levels at once (body, mind, spirit….)

Body Psychotherapy can address difficulties at a level that is not accessible through words  – that does not necessarily involve having to consciously understand oneself – it can easily access pre-verbal and otherwise deeply unconscious material.

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