Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma

with Eileen Dickinson, LMT

A Body- centered approach to mental health


Why massage therapy for mental health?


Someone who has anxiety or who is struggling with a trauma is not just having emotional symptoms. The body will be in a state of hypervigilance and hyperarousal. Since the body can stay stuck in this mode it can be difficult to address the emotional and cognitive needs until the physiological aspects are addressed by helping the body learn to be calm. Massage therapy can be a place to receive safe, positive touch, to let go of tensions, and to help the individual learn to feel comfortable and secure in their body.

Eileen works in collaboration with with mental health practitioners to ensure each treatment is appropriate and tailored for the client’s individual needs.  For clients coming in for a trauma focused bodywork, Eileen requires the client is active in psychotherapy.

Currently Eileen is offering a 6 week program for moms with anxiety disorders.


Massage therapy has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety.


Eileen uses her training in relaxation massage combined with her training on Bodywork and PTSD and a course on application of essential oils to bring together a program to benefit moms.


This program includes:


  • A free consultation to decide which program is right for the individual


  • An evaluation created by LPC Jenny Alzate and LMT Eileen Dickinson to help measure your results as we go and to help best customize the program for the individual’s unique needs


  • Massage therapy that will get you out of your head and into your body- fully clothed sessions are an option.


  • Medicinal Grade essential oils especially chosen to reduce anxiety


  • Homework- Breathing and relaxation techniques to do in between sessions.


  • A partner massage lesson with a close loved one of your choice to keep receiving these benefits at home and to strengthen your relationship with your supportive loved one.

If after 2 weeks with the program you are not satisfied- you will be reimbursed in full.


Please feel free to contact Eileen Dickinson, LMT for more information.

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